I have a important announcement regarding EYERA.
In the development of the EYERA contract we implemented some changes from the initial Olympus contract to help investors feel more secure. The only function changes were removal of both blacklist and stop trade. These were removed to stop possible FUD points.

The other change was the way gas for marketing wallet was managed. The change was made to remove an error that had been used in exploits in the past. The change however left the contract unable to send the BNB it was allotted to the marketing wallet.

I want to be very clear before I continue that the contract is safe, and everything is working exactly the way it is supposed to outside of marketing not being able to get its BNB.

Over the course of time since I found this I have spoken to numerous developers and done extensive research. There were some hopeful avenues being investigated but unfortunately no fix to this can be implemented. The only possible way to fix it is to deploy a new version.
After a lot of extensive conversations and thinking I can come to no sustainable way to market without marketing getting its share.
This is a project and not a meme coin and requires these funds to sustain on the long-term scale that we have envisioned and therefore see a migration to v2 as unavoidable.

The moment I found the problem I immediately identified what caused it and what the proper fix would be. I corrected it in the code and have done multiple tests. This fix will be available for all to see and scrutinize. I will save the technical explanation of the code here but will write a second detailed explanation up for those interested.

We will not force migration. There are no trade restrictions applied at the moment. This will be clear when I detail out the plan following this announcement.

Implementing actions of meme coins to try to stop FUD was a bad decision for this project and I bear that responsibility, for that and what it has caused I apologize.
After much consultation with various people who understand all aspects involved as well as some larger holders I have developed a plan to move forward. The support of investors coupled with the BNB still available from initial sales make this a doable scenario.

Again I want to reiterate the ONLY function effected was the contracts ability to send BNB to marketing.

We appreciate all your trust and support and I promise I will never betray that. I look forward to our futures together. These hiccups will be a small bump in the road in coming time.
I will detail out migration details and hold a AMA in voice chat inside our telegram group soon.

All announcements regarding the process are always available on our Medium or can be reached on through our website.



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